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Corporate cleaning Melbourne

Whelak Cleaning Services are one of the leading corporate cleaning service providers in Melbourne and Adelaide, we understand that maintaining a clean environment in the corporate world is a difficult task, and conserving workplace cleanliness and presentation plays a vital role in establishing your company’s image to the world so just rely everything on us and we will take care of your workplace. We have a team of experienced and skilled cleaners who takes utmost care for maintaining your office premises neat and clean always within your budget.

Whelak Cleaning provides you a complete set of office cleaning solutions right from your toilets to the compounds and cafeterias to right at your desk and also we offer cleaning of desks, spotless carpets and germ free bathrooms and kitchens resulting in an outstanding environment for your employees. We regularly improve our methods to provide reliable cleaning services and removing contaminants from your office or work environment rather than simply cleaning it. We just believe that a healthy environment gives better,healthier environment for better productivity.

Whelak Cleaning offers the below services as follows:

    • We use the products which are safe and non-toxic for exceptional cleaning services
    • We modify our services according to the client requirements so you can just pay for the services that are required for you.
    • Our team is required to perform all security checks as their procedure so you can trust us that your job is in the right hands.
    • We are specialized in removing the carbon footprint of your office buildings
    • We believe that everyone looks for clean, safe, and healthy environment so we strive hard to provide a fresh and clean environment.

WhelakCleaning is equipped with the modern tools and machinery to offer you outstanding cleaning services to your clients. We can help you with corporate cleaning needs as we stock the following products:

    • Cleaning chemicals
    • Soap dispenser
    • Toilet paper, hand towel, bin liners
    • Mopping systems and steam mops
    • Dusters
    • Dustpan and brush set
    • Microfiber cleaning cloths, scourers, wipes
    • Signs
    • Spray bottles
    • Housekeeping trolleys and cleaning carts
    • Microfiber mops, flat mops, spray mops and buckets

Why Whelak Services for Corporate Cleaning:

There are several factors proving that the Whelak cleaning services is the leading and best Corporate Cleaning agency providing exceptional services to the customer on time at reliable charges.

      • Exceptional cleaning services for many years
      • Uses only safe and healthy cleaning standards
      • Experienced team who offers professional cleaning services
      • On-time delivery within your budget
      • Uses modern equipment and machinery to provide reliable cleaning services

If you want to experience exceptional and reliable cleaning services, just give a call to our team and we would guide you in choosing the right services required for your corporate cleaning at 0414 531 317 or e-mail us at